Fruity Tails is a collection of imaginative and engaging videos and shows created by Velivian Fesothe and KewlLab, with filming and editing by Snack Ferret Studio for FurShows. Our unique storytelling style blends different techniques and technologies to create something truly special.

All of our shows and shorts are performed on a 3D printed miniature stage that is being developed by KewlLab, adding a distinct charm to the final product.

We take pride in our diverse range of storytelling styles and formats, which include stop motion, Lego animation, animatronics, claymation, and more. Each show and short is given a unique title in the format of "Fruity Tails - Something," for example Fruity Tails - Critter Circus, ensuring that each production stands out as its own creative entity.

Our content is appropriate for a wide range of audiences, from young children right up to adults and seniors. Our shows and shorts are designed to entertain and inspire, with positive messages and relatable characters that everyone can enjoy.

Around our website, you'll find more information about Fruity Tails and its characters, as well as production images that offer a glimpse behind the scenes of our creative process. We take pride in our work and are excited to share our stories with the world.

Fruity Tails is owned and copyrighted by Velivian Fesothe (Jonathan Curley) and is a part of Furtainment, the soon to be parent company of FurShows. All rights reserved.

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